"When I graduated from college, I never imagined my career would have evolved so rapidly. Hertz equips college graduates with the skills necessary to operate profitable businesses in an ever changing global environment. Everyday is a new experience. I can’t wait to see what's next on my journey with Hertz!"
- Westley R., General Manager

"I have really enjoyed all aspects of the ongoing training provided here at Hertz.  I feel truly valued as an employee because this company invests so much in the success of my career."
- Sarah P.,  Branch Manager

"I love that everyday is different at Hertz.  I never get bored and the days go by so fast.  I look forward to a long career with Hertz."
- Tina W., Manager Trainee

"Working for Hertz has been very rewarding for me and in an economy like this it's good to know that I'm with a company that cares about their employees"
- Nathan H., Branch Manager

"…the nice thing about Hertz is that you get out exactly what you put in. Hertz has treated me well over the last five years. From Manager Trainee to Area Manager, I love the fast paced, fun, and challenging environment that the company provides at every level. Because of the performance based recognition, the upward mobility, and the great compensation every day I come to work I am still just as excited, determined, and motivated as the first day I started."
- Ryan D., Area Manager

"The opportunities for growth and advancement globally within the company are tremendous.  I am about to complete my eleventh year with Hertz and still enjoy the challenges of the daily business and the people I work with are great."
- Mark S., Branch Manager